Sometimes it is worth to ask the question: Do I live fully? If I feel that this is not the case, I can ask another question: What prevents me to live fully here and now? Disease, lack of time or funds, broken relationships? It is not primarily about whether our expectations are fulfilled, but whether we can face the challenges of life.

Spiritual traditions and their important representatives offered as an aid other questions that can become a light, which guides us on the way to find answers and strategies for fulfillment in life.

The first set of questions leads us inside: What is the content of my living out – of my consciousness, my perception of the outer and inner world? Is this process automatic or do I filter it somehow? How contributes it to the fullness of life? In this issue it is represented by three articles. Stanislav Grof deals with the theory of consciousness in relation to the transpersonal psychology. The article of Květoslav Minařík is a continuation of his articles from previous numbers and concerns concentration on flesh and the impact on the inner life of man. Sandó Kaisen speaks about understanding of Buddhist awakening.

Can we face the challenges of life? 

The second group of questions is about communication: How do I communicate with others? How does it affect the opportunity to live my life fully? Sharon Lauricella focuses on the importance of acknowledgement, of gratitude and of positive feedback in communication with others. Amir Azarvan is in turn concerned with the influence of the Christian eagerness on the way of communication about political beliefs. I wish you all that reading of this issue would help you to a fuller living out of your everyday life, no matter where you are, with whom you are and what kind of challenge you face.

Adrián Slavkovský

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